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Where are we with the quality of our data?

FredBWHere is the first of several articles conducting a study about pragmatically increasing the quality of information in organisations.
Information quality is, to me, the hottest spot of the moment.

– Isn’t cloud computing as hot ?

– Well, the “cloud” is a hot subject, and exchanging information through the “cloud” makes information quality control an even hotter subject !

Due to increasing amount of information, increasing number of interconnected sources, companies are facing a similar challenge as going from local area network to wide area networks and Internet in the 90’s. The necessity then raised for implementing firewalls and control rules to guarantee the safety of companies’ networks.

Today, the necessity raises for deploying data quality strategies to guarantee the consistency of organisations’ information.
Master Data Management is one of available strategies, but the purpose of this study is to address a wider scope. Data quality not only concerns the data creation, or MDM, or the end point of scoreboards and reporting, but the whole company data factory. This requires that we get even deeper in organisations knowledge, businesses discovery and users work understanding. Therefore, it sounds to me like the richest subject, and the most interesting challenge of the next decade.

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21 August 2016

First post