Data compliance

External requirements

Compliance consists in making sure that the standards of the profession are applied by organisations.Well knonw policies organisations such as ISO, OFAC, FDA etc. issue compliance standards frequently used to enforce regulatory requirements.

Defining data compliance expectation, you write and publish the standards others should apply to work with your organisation. With these requirements, you can collaborate with your business partners in a safe and efficient way.

The Data Quality Manager organises and publishes a knowledge base targeting the compliance of data to your business processes expectations. You extract from the knowledge base a contextual subset of compliance rules, depending on the business partner, the time frame, the organisation, and other selection criteria. Then your business partner is in charge to check the data against the rules before sending them to your systems.

This knowledge base is also a good foundation to drive audits of your business partners.

Data Quality Manager added value for data compliance:

  • Compliance expectations are clearly listed
  • Roles and responsibilities are defined
  • An audit of your business partner integration can be conducted

Publish your expectations!