Data Firewall

Protect your corporate data

With the generalization of cloud services, Data Managers are facing the same threats as network System Managers were facing in the 80's: the necessity for a firewall, but based on Data Quality enforcement. Neither your provider does know all of your business details and requirements, nor can you be sure of his internal processes for validating data or updating his services.

The Data Firewall prevents inconsistent data from entering your systems, and produces indicators upon data providers reliability.

Implementing the Data Firewall meets the following objectives:

  • Assess in real time the quality of data integration with your provider
  • Raise data quality drop alerts immediately
  • Check data quality even in Cloud-to-Cloud architecture

The Data Firewall relies on Data Quality Manager's knowledge base to evaluate data compliance to the corporate business rules. Business rules are implemented by integration data flows. Each record processed in an integration flow is registered within our data warehouse, checked, and the related incidents are raised. The data quality indicators thus shows data issues at your data providers, and calculates potential impact. By assessing cost and workload for remedy, you can leverage your business partners engagement for better data quality.

Data Firewal added value for corporate data protection:

  • The data is checked before integration
  • Inconsistent data is temporarily rejected
  • The reliability of your business partner is drawn
  • Financial and workload impact are calculated

Protect your corporate data