Data Quality audit

Data Quality audit

Data Quality Audit includes all validation and consistency checks conducted on your data. They are required by all internal ou external assessment process, ou by an external certifying organisation. The data quality audit is a master piece of the quality insurance process.

Implementing the Data Quality Audit answers the following questions:

  • Which processes use these data?
  • Which business rules drive data usage?
  • Which data have actually been evaluated regarding the rules?

The Data Quality Manager relies on its knowledge base to document the business rules implemented by integration data flows. Each record processed in a business flow is registered within our data warehouse, and the relevant activities are traced. The data quality audit thus unveils any instability of your processes, oddity in your data, and calculates the ROI of the quality of your data.

Data Quality Manager added value for data audit:

  • The ROI of data quality is calculated
  • Full traceability of applied business checks
  • Proofs are available for certifying organisation

Audit your data