Services to meet expectations

Open Data Quality relies on trained partners to deliver consulting services:
A team dedicated to Data Quality, 14 years of experience in various industries, expert and autonomous individuals, excellent and pragmatic advisor.


Audit activities focus on one business process to identify related business rules and specific data quality issues. Executing an audit on a hot-spot is also a way of quickly solving a problem, and evaluate the short term Return On Investment. Audits are driven by data quality experts

  • Assessment of quality by origin, location, cause, time line, type of data failure and enhancement suggestions
  • Financial risk assessment showing black spots and evidences for solving short term issues
  • Detailed report and presentation to the management


Business consultants guide your organisation through data quality and MDM projects, up to data governance. Business process analysis and business rules definition are conducted in collaboration with your business experts. PKIs are defined according to management objectives

  • Strategy statement agreed by the project sponsor
  • Organisation chart with roles and responsibilities
  • Project plan with milestones and deliverables
  • Business rules repository and resolution recommendations
  • Reporting according to the strategy


Implementation covers software installation, security set-up, analysis dimensions and hierarchies definition. Business rules defined at consulting level are developed within our rules engine. Reports and dashboards can be built using your organisation's favourite tools.

  • Architecture recommendation
  • Reliable Open Data Quality platform validated by IT department
  • Security set-up as described by organisation chart
  • Managed data collection scripts for business rules assessment
  • Consistent indicators published by the platform
  • Reports and dashboards


For partners and for customers, training is necessary for using correctly the methodology and understanding the technical aspects of Open Data Quality. Training can be personalised according to your organisation's projects and expectations.

  • Understanding of data governance challenges
  • Data quality functional risk
  • Business rules analysis and specifications
  • Business rules technical implementation
  • Data quality aggregation secrets
  • Building KPIs

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