DQEx 1.2: centralised login

To further improve its integration with the statistical portal, Data Quality Executive now relies on the Keycloak authentication service used at the Federal Statistical Office. The implementation of OmniAuth2 technology would actually allow it to connect to any OmniAuth2 compatible authentication service, thus further expanding its integration possibilities.

DQEx 1.0: integration

This version marks the opening to third party systems of statistical production. Data Quality Executive now publishes its information via a REST API in JSON format, which can be interrogated by existing statistical production systems. Conversely, it can also push data to the APIs of publishing systems, thus ensuring the Read more…

DQEx 0.15 enhanced layout

With the deployment and active use of version 0.10 in production by Statistics data producers, requests pop-up for easier navigation between related objects. Done ! All indexes are now searchable and sortable, statistical information has been added while less used information was sent to the background, and all objects can Read more…

DQEx 0.10 towards governance

Data Quality Executive now includes a metadata validation workflow. Defining the role of Data Steward, it allows to manage the approval – or rejection – of statistical variables that will be used to produce statistics. It thus offers control over the catalogue of available concepts, to produce statistical variables based Read more…

Data Quality Executive 0.8 released

Thanks to the efforts of both Open Data Quality and Federal Statistical Office teams, this version now focuses on the unicity of metadata definitions in order to ensure data harmonisation as the key evolution to reusability and consistent analysis.