Free Open Source Software

Our solutions rely on and share several modules to provide a unique and consistent user experience in mastering data quality.

DQ-Foundation Domains
DQ Foundation domains

All modules rely on the core knowledge base providing user authentication, authorisations, and classification framework.

Modules are web based, and provide REST APIs to interact with other software.

Each module is highly customisable to reach your organisation’s expectations.

All modules are open-source, and available under the Mozilla Public Licence 2.0.

Consulting services

Concerned about the security of your data, all collaboration begins with the signing of a non-disclosure agreement.

We rely on a network of business partners to support your data governance initiative:

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OakLand Group – “Asset your business data”

Whatever your company, you have to achieve full ownership, mastery, and governance of your data asset, to shape and secure your future business.

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Open Data Quality supports you for your data asset valuation

Open Data Quality – “It’s all about metadata”

Open Data Quality supports your initiative for providing your organisation with consistent and valuable data, based on your business expectations.


  • Project leading
  • Metadata concept
  • Tools implementation