Focus on data added value

Because data is an asset, and is considered as one by organisations and analysts, its value can be assessed over time. DQ Executive addresses 3 major aspects of data value waranty:

  • Value capitalisation
  • Value preservation
  • Value increase

Value capitalisation happends when, thanks to your knowledge base, you can share and reuse data you already own to produce more valuable information.

Value preservation happens when, thanks to your metadata, you can make sure that no poor quality data enters your information system over time.

Value increase happens when, thanks to the data consistency enforcement rules linked to your business processes, you provide agility to your organisation in the ever evolving market.

DQ Executive addresses data value preservation, capitalisation and increase

Mixing the power of DQ Executive knowledge base, your organisation’s business expertise, and analytical data warehousing, toghether we build the elements of your data asset valuation.

Data Asset Valuation: the key performance indicators
  • Data compliance monitoring
  • Data value measurement
  • Data cost and risk analysis
  • Organisation’s objectives dashboard
  • Measurement of GDPR data dispersion
  • Assessment report