From data to business value

Thanks to metadata – the data about your data – you control the structure of the information and drive strategies to validate, store, process and access data at an optimised cost.

Metadata in 4 opportunities :

  • Harmonisation of data, processes and software
  • Knowledge, transparency and traceability
  • Process automation
  • Reliability of information

DQ Foundation helps you to identify opportunities to improve your data.

The same way metadata enables technical data validation, our knowledge base extends validation features to business requirements. DQ Foundation ensures your business processes consume and produce consistent information, as expected in your business area.

DQ Foundation commits with your organisation’s expectations.

Our knowledge base embeds a Process Classification Framework (PCF) which allows you to clearly organise your business processes expectations, focus on higher priorities, and dedicate teams on specific topics with SMART objectives.

To kick-start your project, DQ Foundation can import template process classifications, provided by APQC © or by your favourite ERP.

Information consistency: The key to business efficiency
  • Business rules to secure business processes, and share with business partners
  • Version management and validation workflow
  • Business rule added value, maintenance cost, weighting …
  • Internationalisation and business specific vocabulary support
  • Automated consistency checks to feed DQ Foundation’s data warehouse
  • Configurable notifications and corrective actions