It’s all about metadata

Metadata are the foundation of your Information System. Metadata are data about your data. They describe your organisation’s data, and provide the knowledge required for an optimal use of these data.

Our versatile knowledge base organises the metadata, focusing on your centers of interest. It relies on the business areas structure as defined by your organisation to allow search, sharing and reuse of existing data.

DQ Executive facilitates metadata collect in your organisation.

Collecting metadata is tedious, but brings a lot of added value. The core feature of DQ Executive facilitates collecting metadata throughout your organisation, and helps for their harmonisation organisation-wide. This has a direct impact on risk, cost of ownership and potential added value of these data.

Knowledge base: Describe and harmonise data
  • Describe new or acquire metadata from existing systems
  • Design their technical specifications
  • Specify data usage and value
  • Identify data linage
  • Isolate personal data which are GDPR relevant
  • Decide of ownership and responsibilities